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Any Video-Audio Converter 8.0

It allows you to convert between various multimedia formats
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Any Video-Audio Converter lets you convert audio and video files between various multimedia formats. Although it doesn't offer even any basic audio-video editing tools, the program might still prove to be of great use since it provides high-quality output and fast results.

This application is packed with a wide range of output configurations that help you adjust video resolution, choose the proper video codec and bit rate, change the aspect ratio, and set the correct audio settings. There's also an option that I've never encountered in other tools from the same category: you can disable the audio altogether and convert the video without any sound.

A good thing about using this conversion utility is that it supports such a wide variety of multimedia formats. And since the program supports batch processing, you can convert as many files as you like into different output formats and save yourself some time and effort.

The only things that I don't like about using this application are that it lacks basic editing tools (trimming utility, apply video effects, etc.) and that the video player window is way too small. As for the rest, Any Video-Audio Converter works just fine: I'm happy with the output files and its price is affordable.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports various multimedia formats
  • Supports batch processing
  • Fast conversion speed
  • You can attach subtitles to your videos
  • You can extract audio content from your videos or convert video without audio


  • Lacks audio/video editing tools
  • Small video player window (unable to play videos in fullscreen)
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